Whole School Approach

Stages of engagement with a school

The Emerging CONNECTED school

has identified a Champion. This champion has formed networks with colleagues and has established rapport with Senior management, who are keen to pilot an intervention, probably a group of staff undertaking training in tools for their own well-being. Mind With Heart acknowledges and values the efforts the school is already making for the flourishing of its staff and students.


The Established CONNECTED School

has a cohort of staff who are practising mindfulness and compassion exercises with regularity and stability. They have been trained to deliver Connected-with-Myself and Connected-with-Others to students and at least two year groups are engaged in the Connected programmes, probably as part of Personal, Social and Health Education [PSHE] or Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development [SMSC]. There are school clubs offering on-going mindfulness and compassion exercises. On-going mentoring and peer support groups offer structures for strengthening good practice.


The Beacon CONNECTED school

runs Connected-with-Myself and Connected-with-Others each year. All members of the school community are aware of the programmes. Staff and students have their own extra-curricula Connected clubs, and parents may also be invited to be involved. The school timetable reflects the importance senior management give to the well-being and flourishing of both staff and students. The school may hold Mind with Heart outreach trainings for staff in neighbouring schools or hold a Mind with Heart Youth Gathering on the theme of, for example, Compassion in Society.

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