Connected with Myself


Cultivating mindfulness and awareness

How can I be less stressed? What are the causes of happiness? Can I train my mind to be less distracted? Can I change my relationship to thoughts and emotions? How can I get on better with myself and others?


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Educators will explore research-based tools for how teenagers can cultivate the key competences of attention, resilience, metacognition, self-care and emotional health

This 3-day training is open to experienced educators who are familiar with mindfulness. 


In a school culture where DOING is the accepted mode for achieving success, Connected-with-Myself offers a complimentary mode that allows for simply BEING.

Along with this attitude of 'simply being', students are invited to ask where they turn for well-being, and how they can come to know themselves more fully in order to 'get the best' out of who they are.

In a similar way to how scientists observe material phenomena, students learn to observe their own minds. 


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It was a delight to attend a workshop where the experience of both facilitators shone through. Experience is key to understanding.
— Geraldine, Teacher