About Mind with Heart


Mind with Heart is an international charity dedicated to an education in 'inner values', supporting schools in their efforts to be genuinely flourishing establishments

Our vision

is of a world where well-being, emotional health and positive relationships are at the heart of all education communities - so that all young people and their educators can flourish and build a more compassionate society.

Our mission

We give young people and their educators researched mindfulness-based tools for emotional health, social connection and a positive future.

We commit to:

giving every young person access to emotional health

accompanying schools on their journey to a sustainable culture of wellbeing at all levels

demonstrating and evidencing good practice in our partner schools

advocating the importance of young people’s emotional health to schools, government and the public


Our Approach


Schools are already committed to staff and student flourishing. We help schools make this commitment even stronger.

Establishing a firm foundation of self-care, self-regulation and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN STAFF IS CRUCIAL; they are then empowered to pass these skills on to students.

After three years of working together with Mind With Heart, schools are empowered to continue on their own, ensuring the sustainability of this education in 'inner values'.

The Mind with Heart curricula and trainings offer research-based tools, designed and delivered by trainers with over ten years of experience in practising these tools and presenting them in an educational context.


We recognise that mental health issues are steeply on the rise

Mental sufferings - including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and loneliness - severely impact an individual's experience of school. Some of the unexamined values of the current education paradigm channel our energy away from long-term flourishing. Students are ushered onto a treadmill without always being given the opportunity to explore alternatives from a wisdom perspective.

Some of the values on which the current education system is based are not only devastating for the sustainability of the planet and its resources but also undermine our inner capacities for fulfilment, promoting, in its place, habits of lack and inadequacy.

Students and their teachers find that our programmes enhance their attention and ability to focus, dissolve stress and anxiety, help them to manage thoughts and emotions, and connect more with themselves and others.

Our mission is saturated with practical wisdom, ensuring that we accompany schools at each and every step of their journey towards a whole-school approach to genuine flourishing.

This starts by acknowledging the efforts schools are already making in this area. When schools prioritise staff wellbeing even more highly [as a sustainable approach to student wellbeing] this upward spiral gains momentum. Sure, mindfulness helps students relax, stay focused and, as a result, boosts their attainment. But mindfulness exercises only really make sense longterm if they permeate the school, prioritising human flourishing above all else, and moving the paradigm towards the cultivation of inner values and prioritisation of wisdom.