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Teacher wellbeing is Fundamental for student wellbeing

Inspiring teachers are one of humanity's most precious resources. Taking care of our teachers is a wise investment.


Learn how to

Mind with Heart offers Connected Teachers, a programme to take up tools for their own well-being and emotional health, learn how to:

  • Care for ourselves
  • Relax and find calm
  • Develop self-awareness
  • build emotional intelligence
  • Nourish healthy relationships


Remember why you wanted to become a teacher in the first place? Need some time and space and 'permission' to reconnect with the heart of your vocation? Teaching is one of the most valuable and noble professions on the planet. The future gneration needs your inspiration!



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It was a delight to attend a workshop where the experience of both facilitators shone through. Experience is key to understanding.
— Geraldine, Teacher