Connected Teens research


Connected with Myself, France

A good example of the Mind with Heart whole-school-approach can be found in the work of Francois Mitterand College in Moissac, near Toulouse, one of the most disadvantaged secondary schools in the region. Twenty teachers, with the support of the Head, decided to make a shift in school culture and trained in our programmes over three years. Participating teachers reorganised the timetable to in order to be able to teach all students in their first year at the school.

Research carried out by the University of Montpellier on these pupils found the impact to be on cognitive, relational and emotional levels. They reported that students were more at ease when they did not know the answer, were less rigid in their thinking and more connected to other people and to nature.

According to the researchers, students were more responsible, less violent and less prone to indoctrination or radicalisation.