Connected-with-Myself featured on French national news - La méditation a le vent en poupe 03/03/2016

As part of a report on mindfulness and meditation in society, TF1 chose Mind with Heart's project in Moissac (SW France) as the example of mindfulness in education.
The secondary school in Moissac received state funding to run Connected-with-Myself.
One student, Jules, age 13, says "Now we are more calm. And in tests, my marks have gone up!"
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Daniel Goleman's talk at Mind With Heart conference featured on Oprah - Super Soul Sunday 20/03/2016
Oprah interviewed Daniel Goleman, psychologist, journalist and author of 'Emotional Intelligence', on his groundbreaking research and how we can enhance and manage our emotions to expand our brain capacity. Featured an extract from Daniel Goleman's talk at the Empassion and Compassion in Society Conference 2013, organised by Mind With Heart.
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