Introduction to Mindfulness for Teachers

"It was a delight to attend a workshop where the experience of both facilitators shone through. Experience is key to understanding." —Geraldine, teacher

"Experiential, clarifying, collaborative." —Helen, teacher

"Very effectively taught. Easy to learn." —Elena, teacher

"Useful for implementation of mindfulness in an educational context, but also great for personal development." —Jeremy, Senior Manager

"The listening exercises - listening without interrupting - made the greatest impression on me." —Guy, Head Teacher

"A very worthwhile experience." —Clifford, Senior Manager

"Calming, supportive, kind, humane, reassuring." —Caroline, Senior Manager

"I loved how applicable the activities are. I will definitely use them with my students." —Joy, teacher



Connected-with-Myself featured on French national news - La méditation a le vent en poupe 03/03/2016

As part of a report on mindfulness and meditation in society, TF1 chose Mind with Heart's project in Moissac (SW France) as the example of mindfulness in education. The secondary school in Moissac received state funding to run Connected-with-Myself. One student, Jules, age 13, says "Now we are more calm. And in tests, my marks have gone up!"


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“I feel the training would be of benefit to any teacher or educator who teaches and values the importance of the whole child.” —Shaaron, teacher

“The brevity of the materials is fantastic… they deepened my personal understanding and practice of mindfulness.” —Madeleine, lecturer

“I may have found something I could get excited about for the next few years!” —Laurence, teacher

“I found that the Mind With Heart course was like a mini-retreat… a chance to re-establish the essential mindfulness practices myself, and a great opportunity to experience presenting and teaching and overcome my inner hurdles, with the support of David and Fiona.” —Tjenka, teacher

"The student booklets are a great visual resource and record of work." —Kevin, Head of Year

"The investigations and experiments allowed the girls to understand, open up and create some excellent class discussions." —Sarah, Year 9 tutor

"Life-changing for the positive." —Shamiela, Director of Innovation

"I am proud of these tools and of being able to sow some positive seeds in the hearts of our teens." —Celine, teacher

"Whole-heartedly engaging and visceral as a training; this is the most important thing a school can teach." —Sophia, teacher

"Informative, inspirational and full of useful ideas, tips and tools. Comprehensive and well-structured." —Chris, teacher.



"So nourishing, thought-provoking and helpful. Thank you. This was brilliant." —Dawn, teacher

"The warm, wise delivery, cultivating curiosity, inviting discussion about valuable topics... good value, lots of individual space and attention... broadening the mind and opening the heart, inspirational, connecting." —Emma, teacher

"Exploring the sessions one by one and allowing the participants to discuss thoughts and potential challenges was most beneficial... explorative, educational and empowering." —Kathryn, Head of Year



What students say...

"I was feeling quite jealous for some reason, and then I was like 'Wow, why am I feeling jealous?' Then I just looked at the emotion and after a while I realised: 'I don't have to be jealous; my thoughts don't have to affect my mood. I don't want to be jealous right now; it's not a convenient time.' And so I just decided to move on from it. It sounds like a basic idea but it was really quite an epiphany for me at the time."

“The practice of coming back to the present moment through Body-Breath-Being is useful, it helps me relax.”

"It helped me to have a different, positive approach."

"I liked the distractor game."

"I liked the science, because it's proof."

"It helps to organise yourself and feelings, to step back and not allow situations to get the better of you."

"I learnt how to relax and stop getting distracted by small things."

"It did not help me at all; I got very frustrated and bored very quickly."

"The stories taught me great life lessons."

"At the beginning, I didn't really understand it, but then I started to understand it more and enjoyed it. I get stressed so easily and then I get things wrong. This way I can learn to control it. It has really helped me be more aware and it will help me for the rest of my life."

“The discussions are useful, the mindfulness exercises and the videos. I get space to explore how it relates to my life.”