Connected-with-Others is a 9-session module introducing students to empathy and compassion.


This mindfulness-based module is designed to suit students aged 11-18. It allows them to explore key principles of personal character and gives them the tools for building values and making decisions.


Connected-with-Others can be delivered to students either before or after Connected-with-Myself. Some of the mindfulness exercises in this module are the same as in Connected-with-Myself.


The module takes students on an exploration of the character qualities that make relationships work. It looks closely at emotions, both as they are experienced first-hand and how they are communicated through expressions.


Together with students, we explore open questions like:

—what makes a positive relationship?

—is empathy natural or learnt?

—how can we be compassionate and kind towards ourselves?


Together, we practice exercises designed to train our mind and hearts to open up, and gradually become more compassionate and empathetic towards ourselves and others.


Sessions also include debates, discussions, stories, video-clips and experiments. These methods are all used to bring enquiry back to first-hand experience.


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