Connected-with-Myself is a 10-session module introducing students to mindfulness and awareness.


The module is designed to suit students aged 10 to 18 by allowing them to explore mindfulness exercises and discover which tools work for them.


In a school culture where DOING is the accepted mode for achieving success, Connected-with-Myself offers a complimentary mode that allows for simply BEING.


Along with this attitude of 'simply being', students are invited to ask where they turn for well-being, and how they can come to know themselves in order to 'get the best' out of who they are.


In a similar way to how scientists observe phenomena, with an open attitude and looking clearly, students observe their own minds. Like a detective, with training and curiosity, students investigate what makes them 'who they are'.


Together with students, we explore open questions like:

—what is happiness?

—how can I bring out the best in myself?

—how do my senses help me to come back to the present?

—how do emotions like stress and boredom appear in my body?

—who's the boss? Me or my thoughts?


Together, we practice exercises designed to train our minds to be present, relaxed and alert.


Sessions also include debates, discussions, stories, video-clips and experiments. These methods are all used to bring enquiry back to first-hand experience.


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